Friday, April 25, 2014

Outdoor Seating

Having a place to sit and relax to admire your gardening accomplishments as well as the great out doors is very important. Here is what is said about outdoor seating in A Dictionary of Modern Gardening 1847.

"SEATS require to be in unison with the portion of the pleasure grounds in which they are placed. In shady retired spots, they may be made of the limbs of trees, (see Rustic) but near the house, or among the parterres, where trimness is the prevailing characteristic, more art is desirable to be apparent in their construction. They may be made of wood, and so constructed as to shut up, so that the seat is never wet; and if painted annually they last for many years. Made of iron, they are more in appearance, and if painted yearly, will not iron mould dresses which rest upon them. Being made of open work, the wet does not rest upon them, and they are soon dry even after heavy rains. The following (Figs 153, 154) are made by Messrs. Dean, King William Street, London.

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