In the begining, my main area of interest, was to creat a collection of agate jewelry and accessories. The original inspirations came from several solitaire rings in the Victoria and Albert museum from the early Victorian era.

Agate cabochons were very much "en vogue" for jewelry, being termed "Scottish pebble jewelry". Here is an example of a beautiful mottled agate solitaire ring from the Victoria and Albert museum. This ring is dated to 1850. It is a wonderful example of the chaton prong settings with foot ring supports. This beautiful setting is very prevalent through the entire collection.
Agate comes in many beautiful colors and designs.
These are just a few from my collection.

Agate, unlike solid colored gems, comes in an almost innumerable variety of colors. The formation of the minerals that can be found in agates lend themselves to distinct designs and patterns. While the mineralogist have their names for these, so do jewelry artists. Here is a brief list of just some of the agates that I prefer.

Blue Lace Agate                    Landscape Agate

Moss Agate              Plume or Spotted Agate

Tree Agate

As I get pictures of others, I will add them. There is a very interesting "Eyeball" agate but most of those are already in jewelry.