Friday, June 15, 2012

LACI Collection - Toddler Gowns

I was blessed with the opportunity to look at, handle (with gloved hands of course), and photograph some textiles from the LACI ( collection today. With their permission, I will share some of these great items with you.

Starting off, here is my favorite....

I would guess, by the construction and style, that this dress dates to the 1860-1870s.

Most of the stitches are by hand. I was able to find machine stitching at the waistline. The tucks are hand stitched but I think the other insertion was machine made.

One of the things that I found most interesting was the lack of fasteners. The only sign, that I could find, were pin holes. As though pins held the dress closed at the back.

Here is another toddler dress....

This one is a more modern dress dating no earlier than the late 1880s. However, it was so beautiful that I had to take some pictures of it. The entire dress was done by machine.

Check back as I will be posting more over the next few days/weeks.