Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dress Caps

Here are some dress caps. These would have been worn during the day, while at home.

From Harper's New Monthly Magazine 1858:

"The Dress Cap and Under Sleeves are en ???. In both the puffings are separated by equal intervals, in which the transparents are uncovered. The larger puff of the under sleeve and the centre of the cap are quadrilled by narrow ribbon. The transparents extend through the centre to the end of the tabs. The ribbons may be of any color to suit the taste of the wearer.

The Dress Cap represented above is composed entirely of blonde, ornamented with cineraria flowers.

 From Arthur's Illustrated Home Magazine 1857:

From Arthur's Home Magazine 1860:

This one is from Peterson's 1860 and the one that I think I like the best... and the easiest to make. It is of dotted swiss.