Tuesday, May 22, 2012



"Materials - Brussels net, fine clear lawn, and W Evans & Co's Embroidery Cotton No 36, and Boar's Head Crochet Cotton No 70. Swiss lace (or application as it is sometimes called) is worked by drawing a design on lawn and working it over net. The lawn is then cut away from every part but that of the pattern. It is necessary after tacking the two materials together on toile ciree, to trace the design with embroidery cotton, being very careful to take up a thread of the net as well as the muslin, at every stitch. Then sew it closely over, working a fine buttonhole stitch at the edge only. The centres of the flowers are pierced and sewed over. The centres of the roses are cut out, and sewed over, and the fancy stitches then worked with the Boar's Head Cotton, in English lace, or any other favorite stitch."

* A Lappet is a flap of fabric or lace, sometimes used at the sides of a lady's cap.

I really like this one, it looks very simple. I am a little surprised at how simple the edging flowers are. The center flowers are more of what I would expect.

Honestly, I have little patience to do a work of this size all at once. I am sure the ladies of the day would have attached the muslin to the net, traced the entire design and then worked it all before using it. For myself, I would most likely trace just the edging flowers and worked those. Once that was done, I would attach it to my morning cap and enjoy having it. Perhaps later I would be inclined to work the center flowers with their leaves. The cap would probably be too worn by the time I had any interest in adding the edging leaves but I would have enjoyed the cap at each stage anyway. :)