Monday, February 9, 2015

Turquoise Voile Girl's Dress

3/3/2015 Update - Here is how the dress looked for our children's ball last Saturday:

It's not completely finished. I need to add the box plaiting at the hemline as well as adding a silk sash at the waist. Also, the child wants puffed sleeves instead of open sleeves and there was no time to finish that detail before the party. As a side note, it seems that this child also needs a new cage. Her current one doesn't seem to give the proper shape to this dress..... Alas, how my sewing list grows!!

2/9/2015 Update - Well, It's been three years since I purchased this fabric and many dresses (both modern and historical) have been made in that time. I do think that it's about time to finish... or should I say start, this project. It just so happens that the Dreamstress is hosting a Blue Challenge for her February Sew Monthly. Hopefully this will be enough of an encouragement to finish. If I am able to finish this dress, my dear daughter will be able to wear it as a party dress to our private Ball at the end of the month. Wish me luck! 

6/2/2013 Update - Here is the inspiration image for this dress. Unfortunately we only get a back view to admire.
Journal De Demoiselles March 1862

Of course I am talking about the little girl. Here is a closer look:

 I will not be doing the fluting at the bottom of the dress because I don't think that the fabric will hold the pleats. I will also need to get some silk for the belt and rosette.

Original Post 11/13/2012 - Fabric Mart just had a $1 sale on turquoise cotton voile.

I was able to pick up 5 yards and am planning on making a sheer dress for my young daughter. I can see a lined body with gathered, puffed, short sleeves, and perhaps some tucks in the skirt. Wouldn't a matching, sheer bonnet be nice as well?

I received the voile today. It is not as sheer as I has expected, but it feels very durable and has a nice shine. I look forward to making a nice dress from it next spring.