Saturday, May 19, 2012

Milk Paint

From The Family Cyclopaedia 1859

"MILK PAINT. A paint has been used on the continent with success made from milk and lime, that dries quicker than oil paint, and has no smell. It is made in the following manner - Take fresh curds and bruise the lumps on a grinding stone, or in an earthen pan, or mortar, with a spatula or strong spoon. Then put them into a pot with an equal quantity of lime, well slaked with water, to make it just thick enough to be kneaded. Stir this mixture without adding more water, and a white coloured fluid will soon be obtained, which will serve as a paint. It may be laid on with a brush with as much ease as varnish and it dries very speedily. It must however be used the same day it is made for if kept till next day it will be too thick consequently no more must be mixed up at one time than can be laid on in a day. If any colour be required any of the ochres as yellow ochre or red ochre or umber may be mixed with it in any proportion. Prussian blue would be changed by the lime. Two coats of this paint will be sufficient and when quite dry it may be polished with a piece of woollen cloth or similar substance and it will become as bright as varnish. It will only do for inside work but it will last longer if varnished over with white of egg after it has been polished."