Monday, May 19, 2014

Tools For Lady Gardeners

Taken from Gardening For Ladies 1843 which is mostly about the art of flower gardening. However, I have found it useful and enlightening in the way people of the time thought of the frailty of woman as well as the tools that were made to accommodate such frailty. For anyone interested in flower gardening, there is a gardening calendar at the back of the book that would also be useful.

A Lady's Gauntlet of strong leather.

Lady's Wheel-barrow

Watering Pots for Green-House Plants

Props for Climbers

Cast Iron or Zinc Tally for the Open Ground

Porcelain Tally for Pots

Tallies for trees, as in the case of an Arboretum, which is to endure for many years, are formed of iron, stone, or brick; those for herbaceous plants, of iron or wood; and those for plants, in pots kept in houses, of porcelain, wood, lead, zinc, and sometimes, though rarely, of iron. Tallies for plants kept in nurseries in pots, are commonly of wood, on which a little white paint is rubbed with the finger, and the name written with a black lead pencil; those for plants taken up and packed to be sent to a distance, are commonly of parchment, with the name written in ink, but nursery labels are formed of wood and tied to trees, or of pieces of lead stamped with numbers.... The cheapest kind of Tally is a thin strip of zinc, painted white lead, and then written with a lead pencil; and these of zinc may be had cut into proper sizes, at the zinc manufacturers.

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