Friday, February 8, 2013

Girl's Green Sheer

2/8/2013 - I was able to pick up some green sheer fabric, last September (read the post here), for my older daughter's 1863 (2013) summer dress. Here is the color:

So now is the time to start putting it together. I could just use the great pattern from Elizabeth Stewart Clark (found at the bottom of the page here), with puffed sleeves, bateau neckline and a ruffle here and there, but I think that I want to do something a little special for this one.

 My teenage daughter has always liked the dress in this fashion plate from La Mode Illustree, July 1862. I am guessing that the dress is silk (because I can't get a good translation) but  it may work for a sheer as well.
I posted an inquiry over at The Sewing Academy forum. I'm looking forward to reading the suggestions that I get for this project!

This image shows short puffed sleeve chemisettes/bodices under short sleeve dresses:
2/25/2013 Update - I found a lovely pin tucked chemise inspiration for under the sheer dresses. I am not thrilled about doing all of the pin tucks but I love the look of this:
I made the skirt of my teen's green sheer last night. The voile has no body of it's own and wouldn't hang properly so a heavier cotton was used as a hemfacing. I am very happy with it now. I will be cutting the body of the dress today and then I will be able to decide how many ruffles I can add to the bottom. I will not be adding all 4 ruffles but 2 would look lovely, I think.

6/15/2013 Update - I have started on the tucked chemise. You can read that post here. The dress construction has stopped because I don't like how the ruffles lay. I may have to do box pleats and I'm not sure if I have enough fabric for that.