Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Goals

I haven't been doing much historical sewing this year... or last year for that matter.... so I'm a bit behind in marking projects off of my goals list. For this reason I am deciding to scrap the list and start over with.... whatever I feel like doing. I'm looking for instant gratification in the form of improvements to current items, wrapping up UFOs, or quick start to finish projects.

Honestly I don't really know where to start. It seems that all the projects that I see are multi part or group projects. Here's what I mean:

~ I'd like to make improvements to the bodice of my blue sheer but first I should make a new fashion corset and 120" hoop.

~ I Will Finish My Tan Dress!!! This also needs the fashion corset and larger cage listed above.

~ Fashionable hat. I especially want one with a black lace veil (mid-century sun glasses). To make this simple, I'm looking for a straw hat to decorate with ribbon and silk flowers.

~ A traveling bag would be very nice. I think that I will start one and work on it at events. I already know what I want to applique on the front.

~ I love sewing challenges so I am starting my own. It's the Undergarment A Month Challenge. The rules are to make one undergarment each month. Alternate monthly according to personal need but be sure to include chemises, drawers and petticoats. Extra corsets and hoops are optional. Each participant that completes the 12 month challenge wins (by the work of their own hands) full sets of brand new underpinnings.

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