Monday, December 3, 2012

Things To Finish 2012:

I will never get any of this done if I never get started......

I have been really slow getting my list in order. I seem to have the bad habit of almost finishing things. My list is mostly just finishing touches and making the items that I purchased fabric for. Go figure.

For Me:

Work Corset -  Done 8/1.
** Fashion Corset - made duct tape pattern 9/3. **
2 Petticoats - Done 5/15
Cotton Dress - started 6/3, finished 6/6. Done.
Collar and Cuffs for Cotton Dress - Done 6/7

Cotton Sheer Dress - 5/21 bodice is done. 5/31 underskirt is done, adding flounces. Over skirt is done. Hate the bodice, need to remake it. Done 8/7.
Collar and Sleeves for Sheer - The sleeves will be tube sleeves with 2 or 3 ruffles at the bottom. Done 8/10.

** Wool Dress - 7/12 decided on a style. 7/25 decided on trim, burgundy wool. **
** Undersleeves & Collar - for wool dress **
Brown Mantle (need silk lining) - purchased lining but will be using it for my bonnet instead. get more silk. Will use this wool as a shawl. Done 8/4.
Bonnet - 4/12 purchased gold/tan silk. Started 7/6. Finished covering 7/16. Added English netting 8/13, need to make paper roses - red, pink, white. Done

** Bonnet - Added sheer, drawn bonnet to match my sheer dress 6/2. Made base 8/5. To finish in the spring 2013 **
Other Accessories:
        White Silk Belts
        White Silk Neck Ribbon - done
        Jewelry - Have amber eyeball agate ear drops 4/20. Have green tree agate and jade bracelet 5/19.
        ** Dress Cap - Decided on a dotted Swiss cap from Peterson's 1860. Get dotted Swiss from Needle and Thread $12/yard **

For Older Daughter:
Night Dress - Daughter to make this herself. crossed off list.
** Hat - Started on 3/1. 3/9 Finished the buckram hat, just need to add batting and silk. 4/12 purchased blue silk. **
Blue Dress - Finish box pleats around the bottom of the dress. 3/3 two of the six bias strips are hemmed. Remade the sleeves, moved the box pleating and made a belt 7/28. Added the box pleating across the top of the body. Done, she doesn't want the box pleating around the bottom.
Hood - to match her mantle

Under sleeves - 5/23 stitched plackets and gathered sleeves. Not needed. Remade the sleeves.
** Bosom friend -  To be made for fall of 2013**
** Paletote - from the blue wool. To be finished for Easter 2013 **
** New Skirt and semi-sheer body with blue silk bretelles - added 6/? with purchase of wool/silk fabric. To be finished for Easter 2013 **

For Younger Daughter:
Wrapper - need to quilt back and sew seams.
"Sprinkles dress" - trim with brown floss braid. Decided not to add the trim
** Poplin dress - to be finished for Easter 2013 **
** Sleeves & Collar - for the poplin dress. to be finished for Easter 2013 **
Mantle -  trim with boa. 3/9 Finished adding the boa. Done
Hood  - done

Brown ribbon bretelles - Marked off the list without completing.
** Paletote - from lavender wool. to be finished for Easter 2013 **
** Cage - She will need a cage to go under her poplin dress. to be finished for Easter 2013 **
Petticoats - done
Pill Box Hat - to match her mantle. finished 11/13

For Older Son:
Cap - Crochet wool cap. done 11/18
** Belt - for his coat. Will finish by fall 2013 **
Summer Tunic - Added this on 5/23. Am scrapping my black and tan dress fabric to make the boys matching tunics. Done 9/5.

For Younger Son:
Shoes - Purchased 8/10
Yellow pique jacket and skirt - Marked off the list without completing.
Sheer dress - Marked off the list without completing.
Summer Tunic - Added this on 5/23. Am scrapping my black and tan dress fabric to make the boys matching tunics. Started on 8/28. Finished 8/30.

Cap - decided on a crochet wool and silk cap 8/12. have fingering wool. Done
Coat - added 9/9. done 9/20

** Long sleeved tunic - of blue shirting, lined, to math his brother's. added 9/20. Will make for Fall 2013 **

Today starts the first full week of December and I will call an official close to this list. With the exception of my younger daughter's wrapper, that will be finished and given as a Christmas present. We have attended our final event for the year and will now concentrate on Christmas gifts, leaving no time in the year 2012 to finish any other items above. All items marked with ** will begin the list for 2013..... and start the sewing frenzy all over again.

I sincerely hope that you got majority of your 2012 sewing list completed and can sit back and admire your accomplishments. Please do share your lists with me. I would love to see your work.

With all sincerity,
Jessica Dean