Saturday, December 1, 2012

Navy Wool Jacket

For the past week I have been working to make a wool jacket for an event that happened yesterday. My original idea was to use some burgundy, tropical weight wool to make a jacket in this style:


I had no intention of doing the embroidery or fringe. However, the frog closures are going to be added when I have the time to make some. I think gold covered or crochet buttons and a gold cord would be lovely.

It took me 2 days to make the muslin and two days to sew the jacket. The main seems are done on machine and finished by hand. The closures were not added in time so it had to be pinned on. (not a fun activity) The bonnet ties make for a good camouflage, don't they? I am fairly satisfied with how it looks now and look forward to seeing how lovely it becomes when it is actually finished. I wonder what trimmings will come along and want to be put on this jacket?

I must like blue. The dress is a teal blue cotton with a small white pattern, the jacket is navy blue wool and the bonnet ties are navy silk organza. If I wasn't in the process of making a burgundy and tan dress, I'd think that I was stuck on blue or something.