Monday, November 26, 2012

Millinery Flowers

11/26/2012 - I have been such a procrastinator lately with making paper millinery flowers for my bonnet. Now, I find myself at the mercy of on-line suppliers. Hopefully all my paper roses, velvet leaves and silk lace gets here in time. I want to have my bonnet finished for this Friday.... I know, horrible! (hanging my head in shame)

I found some lovely, paper, millinery flowers over at Etsy so of course I had to join the site and pick up some. My first purchase arrived today and I am thrilled... white roses from Shar Bear Crafts:

Here is a link to their Etsy shop:

Here is the product link of anyone else wants to pick up some:

I really should have picked up a few more. I know that I will think of a million things to use these for and I only purchased one bunch. :(

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

12/1/2012 Update - My velvet leaves and more paper flowers came in the mail on Friday. I am so lucky. I tacked them on with pins in about 15 minutes and was ready to walk out the door with my finished bonnet on my head. The pics are posted here:

As for the velvet leaves, I highly recommend them:

The product link is here:
The Etsy seller's page is here:

The other flowers that I received are nice but I can't really recommend them because of all of the glue drips and things. They showed in the image, so there are no hard feelings toward the seller. Since there were 3 dozen in an order, I just picked out the best ones to use.

Here is an image of the flowers:

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I didn't get my silk lace in time to add it to my bonnet. Instead, I used some navy silk organza that I picked up from that $5 sale a few months ago. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. :) Do jump over and see the pictures in this post:

I'd love to hear who you get your millinery flowers from. Feel free to comment with your suggestions. :D