Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Punch 1858

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From A Treatise on Domestic Economy 1856

"Every bedchamber should have a washstand bowl pitcher and tumbler with a washbucket under the stand to receive slops. A light screen made like a clothes frame and covered with paper or chintz should be furnished for bedrooms occupied by two persons so that ablutions can be performed in privacy. It can be ornamented so as to look well anywhere. A little frame or towel horse by the washstand on which to dry towels is a convenience. A washstand should be furnished with a sponge or washcloth, and a small towel for wiping the basin after using it. This should be hung on the washstand or towel horse for constant use. A soap dish and a dish for toothbrushes are neat and convenient and each person should be furnished with two towels, one for the feet and one for other purposes."
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Fig 41 Basin and Ewer, Fig 42 Tooth Brush Tray, Fig 43 Soap Tray
From Gutta Percha, Its Discovery, History, and Manifold Uses 1851

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"A Certain Cure and Preventitive for Chapped Hands and Faces - By putting three to six drops of glycerine into the water before washing the hands and face, or, if only washing the hands, drop one drop into the palm of the hand after washing off the soap and dirt, rub all over the hands and wrists, and then dry thoroughly. It protects the skin from the strongest frosts." From Godey's Magazine 1859