Saturday, June 2, 2012


Here is a small collection of ideas for collars from fashion magazines of the day.

From The Ladies' Companion 1860

Collar in Broderie A La Minute

 Materials - Fine Jaconet Muslin, and the Perfectionne Embroidery Cotton No 26 of Messrs. Walter Evans and Co of Derby
"This pretty style of work loses nothing of its vogue, and is, indeed employed extensively for collars and cuffs for morning wear. These collars are always of double muslin, being run together, turned over, and the line of the hem stitched neatly.
The section given of the collar will suffice for the cuff [p 96] also, which should be made only just large enough to fit round the wrist."


 Materials - Boar's Head Crochet Cotton No 16, or Tatting Cotton No 1 of Messrs Walter Evans and Co of Derby

From Arthur's Home Magazine 1859

Here is an old style of collar from The Lady's Companion 1852:
Here are the directions. Interestingly, this is tatting, called Frivolite at the time.