Friday, June 8, 2012

Shopping Day

Being a very beautiful day, it seemed like a good idea to go shopping this morning. There were plenty of yard sales that seemed promising and they turned out to be better than I had hoped.

Here are the things that I was able to pick up that are relevant to this blog:

One of the very first stops we made really made the entire day. I saw this chair sitting at the curb with a free sign on it. When I picked it up the side leg brace fell off, making it look like a piece of junk to everyone. Everyone but me. This cute Windsor chair will hold a prominent place in my collection once it is restored.... and it really doesn't need much.

Bow Back Windsor Chair with Tail Brace

Then I was able to pick up a nice set of copper pots with lids. The girl said that they were new and had never been used. I am guessing that they were a wedding gift that she really hadn't wanted. She had an entire table of copper molds and decorations but I just grabbed the pots.

In the end I still didn't have the chair "fix" that I had been looking for so we headed over to some antique shops in the next town. They had some really great chairs but not "the" chair or set that I want. I was able, however, to pick up this great chair for little bit of nothing. My youngest daughter spotted it, so I will give her all of the credit.