Friday, July 26, 2013

A Child's Bedroom

Here is a neat peak into the bedroom of a child in 1858 from Godey's, of that year:

I really love all the details found in this woodcut. Starting with the wood floor and small carpet and ending with the exposed beams in the ceiling. Check out the great little horse pull toy tied to the trunk:

What fun details on the bed! Are we looking at a double mattress or a single mattress with two pillows? You can make out the stripped ticking on the bottom one. I love the carved bed as well.

On the table, I can plainly see a pincushion with pins and a box with a spool of thread. I wonder what sewing was being done as Mother tends her child?
Standing against the wall, behind Mother, is a large wardrobe. Wouldn't it have been fun if the artist would have left the door open so that we could peak in? Do take a moment and examine the window treatments. The curtains are lovely with their ruffled valance at the top. If you look closely you can also see a privacy curtain covering the lower sill. I wonder if the window is open, letting in a cool breeze?