Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Marbled Paper

I have become very interested in marbled paper and it's uses in Mid-Century home life. It is well known that this style of paper was extensively used in the book binding industry.... but what else was it used for? Here are the references that I have found so far:

"The old fashioned marbled paper, still extensively used by bookbinders, is made in a remarkable way. A viscid kind of paint-liquid is prepared, on the surface of which different colours are intermingled; and the sheet of paper is dexterously laid on this surface, from which it draws up a film of the intermingled colours." From Paper: Its Applications and Its Novelties 1853

In A catalogue of Pictures, Busts, Bronzes etc at Hendersyde Park 1859. There are listed references to marbled paper boxes. They are small, circular or oblong boxes with shell cameos.