Monday, August 25, 2014

A Sheer Blouse

I honestly don't know what to call the piece that I am working on. Simply put, it's a white cotton sheer blouse.... but really it's more than that. To follow are some of the images that inspired this piece.
 'He Loves Me!' John Dawson Watson - 1858 Private Collection
Photo by Albert Bisbee, OH, c. 1850s

cotton bodice printed with tiny horses c.1858

I really like how well it turned out. The fabric is 2.5 yards of cotton batiste from Needle and Thread. I haven't added any closures yet but I may try some buttonholes if I can pick up button hole twist for a reasonable price. I like the option of being able to wear this top tucked in or worn over a dress or corset cover. I've already worn this twice and love how cool and comfortable it is.
 Image credits: Craig Shipp

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