Friday, July 22, 2011

Research For My Sheer Dress

April 1860 Godey's Lady's Book Fashion Plate

Fig. 3. - Dress of blue challais, solid color, trimmed with ruches of the same material. Leghorn garden hat.

From April 1860 Godey's Lady's Book fashion plate. "Taking An Airing"

The Norma dress a deep blue ground having blue flounces quadrilled with black velvet and blue silk The quadrilles appear between two bands of black velvet The last band is terminated by fringe.

From the United States Magazine 1857 pg 220

 A very pretty dress also destined for the country consists of plain grenadine of an even tone of bright blue worn over silk of the same hue The skirt is very wide and is trimmed with seven flounces of grenadine each edged with a row of narrow black blonde The corsage is low and plain and at the waist is set on a band covered by a ceinture of blue ribbon The latter is fastened on a bow in front and two long ends flow over the front of the skirt Over the corsage there is a fichu of black blonde pointed at the back and the ends in front are crossed one the other The sleeves are formed of seven frills of graduated width and are edged like the flounces with narrow black blonde At the part of the sleeve the frills are gathered up by a bow and ends of blue ribbon.

From The Draper & Clothier 1860


From Le Follet 1860


"She wore a lawn dress "Would I were!" was Edward's internal eja- ; of bright, blue, over it a white lace basque trim..."

From Peterson's Magazine 1859


Here is a story from Graham's Illustrated Magazine 1856 mentioning a blue lawn dress.

A dress of pale blue lawn is mentioned here in Mary Staunton 1860.

Another blue lawn dress was mentioned in Peterson's Magazine 1860 here .


The Oregon Lawn

Lawn Dress with a Double Skirt - The lower skirt is trimmed with four narrow flounces. The upper skirt reaches to the top of the highest flounce. The body Is half-high and round at the waist. Very wide sleeves, opening high up on the arm.

From Peterson's Magazine 1860

This is actually one of my inspirations for this dress. I was thinking about adding a yellow block printed flower with green leaves to the fabric but was never able to find a block that I felt was acceptable. Basically, if I am going to take the time to block print all of that fabric, it would have to be THE perfect block!!! In this case, we are talking about several blocks.


Here are two others from Peterson's 1860 that are flounced with similar sleeves.
8/16/2012 - Update
This is my first attempt at a sheer. The over skirt needs to be evened up around the hem, as well as a larger cage, but other than that it looks nice. Read More Here.