Monday, May 7, 2012

New Bonnet Notes

4/13/2012 - I just picked up some China silk for lining mantles and covering hats. For some reason I added some maroon silk to my cart as well. Now comes the inspiration..... a maroon bonnet with dark golden brown ties and a maroon belt for my tan wool dress. That would look splendid with a rosette wouldn't it?
Now I will need some white lace to fill the top inside of the spoon bonnet and to decide on decorations. I have some green velvet ribbon that I could make leaves from but what sort of flowers should be added?
5/7/2012 - Or perhaps I should use the gold silk that was supposed to line my mantle for a gold bonnet and use the maroon as trim.....

From Le Follet here

6/2/2012 - Here is another bonnet of gold silk from the MET.

Here is another one from the MET. I can't tell if it is maroon or brown.

Well, at this point I am debating on whether I will have time to make two bonnets. One from the gold silk in the fashion at the top, and one from my blue voile sheer inspired by the drawn bonnet above. The question is not whether I want both, but if I will have the time to make both. :)