Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jade, Chrysophrase and Moss Agate

(Moved here from my Mid-century Jewelry blog)

I have just received my most recent purchase from Hoff's Rock Shop. These are images from her website as I haven't taken any pictures myself.

This first stone is my favorite of the group. It is called Chrysophrase. The color is apple green and it has been a most popular stone for a very long time. During the Mid-19th century, this was an expensive stone and has continued to keep it's value. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to purchase this stone for a steal.

This next stone is a continuation of my agate obsession. This is moss agate and a very large and, might I add, heavy piece. It is 40x30mm and it seems to want to be a brooch that converts into a pendant. I think that some drop pearls would look nice on this piece as well. Along with the larger stone, I have 3 smaller pieces to match.

The least exciting pieces that I picked up were jade. I just had to have them because they coordinated so well.