Thursday, May 10, 2012

Making A Quilting Frame

I have wanted to do this for a while now, probably 2 or 3 years. Several of our local museums have antique quilting frames and I covet them every time I see them. OK, perhaps covet is a strong word.... how about I really, really wish they would put a quilt on one so that I could use it. That would be fun.

Anyway, I have had on my ebay "watch list", a set of wooden gears and stops for a make-it-yourself quilt frame. Since I don't really quilt, this is not high on my priority list. However, after the re-enactment this past weekend, it has come back to the front of my mind.

There were so many girls sitting around the camp quilting. Some of them were in groups, several were by themselves. None, however, had a quilt frame.

So, without further ado, here is a link to another blog that shows some gears that were made for just such a use:
In this post, he shows the side view of the frame:
And here is a close view of how the cogs and stops work:

Please keep in mind that there are no real instructions with these posts. He is just showing the work. Thankfully, I am good at following pictorial instructions. :)

I am sure that this is not a project for this year. However, I am resolved to have a quilt frame for next summer. Perhaps this is a good winter project since I will not have to sew cold weather clothing for the kids.