Monday, August 6, 2012

Lined Sewing Basket

I have been using this basket for some time now and have the problem of loosing my thimble and scissors constantly. So, of course, I made a lining with pockets for it. That turned out so cute that I continues on and made a nice pincushion and needle book to match.

Here is the empty basket:

And here it is with the liner:

My cute new needle book and pincushion:

And here are the other things that I keep in my sewing basket:

Crochet hook for crochet lace and picots in tatting

Tatting Shuttle

Misc wooden spools of thread (I do believe that these are a bit newer than 1860s)


Misc other items such as my numbered tape, a magnifying glass, bodkin, and scissors.

And here is my stocked sewing basket. I am sure that it will be much easier to find those little things now. There are two pockets, one on each side.

The only things left to add are a block of bees wax, an emery bag and sewing sheers. The sheers that I use have plastic handles so, naturally, I need another pair. :) Also, I plan on making misc little bags to put buttons and other little things in.

I would love to see your sewing basket, feel free to comment with a link. :)