Monday, June 24, 2013


glass lemonade or custard cup, Rhine wine glass, wine decanter, and fountain champagne glass
Collamore & Co., of 479 Broadway, have got up some exquisite articles in glassware. The new wine decanter, which is antique in its shape, is novel in its application to this purpose. Its appearance is handsome, light and solid, and its convenience in handling can hardly be excelled. We have rarely seen a decanter in more perfect taste.

The fountain champagne glass is a very great improvement on the ordinary fountain glasses. It is not so broad nor so shallow, but is vastly more convenient and elegant, while still retaining that peculiar quality which sends the wine for ever sparkling up to the brim.

The glass lemonade or custard cup is both elegant and convenient in form, and differs in its rounded outline from those lately in use, which it has entirely superseded in fashionable houses.

The Rhine wine glass is one of the most exquisitely delicate pieces of work that we can remember to have seen. It is graceful in form, with a stem so delicate as hardly to be perceptible and yet most pleasant to the touch.

All these articles are of the purest glass, and represent the newest fashions now in vogue.

From Frank Leslie's Monthly Magazine 1860