Monday, December 24, 2012

Dressing The Christmas Tree

10/29/2012 - We will be having a Victorian Christmas celebration this year that includes a dressed tree. So the first question is .....

What did they put on Christmas trees in the 1860s?
My tree decorations list starts with the basics:
~ strung popcorn
~ strung red berries
~ paper chains
~ taper candles *
~ red ribbon bows

We are fortunate to have a good many children to share our Christmas with and can hang all of the small gifts on the tree:
~ wooden horses
~ huzzars (type of soldier)
~ tin soldiers *
~ drums *
~ trumpets
~ swards *
~ muskets *
~ dresses dolls
~ tea sets *
~ coffee sets *
~ doll furniture *
~ candied fruits in paper cornucopias
~ (gingerbread) cakes

Other little gifts that I want to make are:
~ cloth balls
~ thread cases *
~ fabric bags 
~ slippers
~ needle cases

12/24/212 Update - Items marked with a * were not on our tree this year. It is amazing the amount of things that are on the tree. I am impressed with how well filled out the tree became once all of the decorations and gifts were hung. We were very pleased with it all.