Friday, January 4, 2013

St. Valentine's Day Gift Planning

Now that the excitement of Christmas and New Years is over, it's time to start sewing again. I dated my list this year so I know exactly what I need to do first. My first due date is St. Valentine's Day. At our house this is a gift giving holiday, so let's get started making gifts!

 My favorite gift for this Valentine's Day will be to give my toddler son a tatted collar. Here is the pattern that I plan to use:

This collar design is from The Lady's Companion 1852 and is meant for a lady. However, I think that it would look adorable on my son, as well as taking much less time to make it up, in his petite size. The bars in this pattern are done with a needle.

For my older daughter, I plan to make a barrel bag, or travel bag. She has asked for one and I hadn't had time to make it for her for Christmas, so now it would be a wonderful surprise. I have some more of that gorgeous navy blue wool. Now I just need to find a nice cotton print for lining, and some wide twill tape for the handles.

For my younger daughter, I have planned the simplest gift to give. It should work up so quickly. She shall have a thread case for her embroidery floss. The pattern is in The Workwoman's Guide 1840. She loves embroidery and has every color, so I may end up making her several. The following illustration is one suggested in Godey's Magazine. It's very lovely, don't you think?

My older son didn't get the drum that I wanted to make for him from a wooden cheese box. Some how I just ran out of time and energy for that project. Well, after a short rest, I'm ready to start the project list sprint again.

And I can't forget about making more hand made Victorian Valentine cards. We had so much fun making them last year, we have to do it again!!

I hope you wish me luck in accomplishing my projects, and do tell me about the ones that you have planned. Post a link to your website, blog or facebook so I can see what you've been working on.