Saturday, September 22, 2012

Boys Cap In Crochet

From Peterson's Magazine 1862

Boy's Cap In Plain Crochet
Materials - 1/4 oz. brown double zephyr; 1/2 oz. white double zephyr; 1/4 oz Flosselle silk, black; coarse cotton cord, brown or black.
Crochet over the cord with the brown wool, in plain crochet, beginning with six or eight stitches. Widen enough to keep the work flat, until you have 25 rows for the top of crown; be sure to have 200 stitches on the 25th row of the crown, it must measure 16 1/2 centimeters across the top.
The next row begins the side of the cap. Work 23 rows, and only widen 11 stitches in the whole side; turn the cap so as to begin on the wrong side, for the rim, which should turn up all round.

 1st Row - Brown
 2nd Row - White
 3rd Row - White, widen to 224 stitches
 4th Row - White widen 26 times in the whole row. Make 12 stitches of white and 2 of black floss silk. Repeat this 18 times around the cap.
 5th Row - Make 1 white stitch over the last black one of 4th row, and then 2 black ones, to form the pattern
 6th Row - Same as 5th row, and exactly over it
 7th Row - Like the 4th row.
 8th, 9th and 10th Rows - All white
 11th - Row Like the 4th and 7th only observing to make the black spots come in the center, or between those of the lower row
 12th, 13th and 14th Row - Like the 8th, 9th and 10th

Finish with 3 rows of white, 1 row of black silk; the last row of brown zephyr; black zephyr may be substituted for the spots if the silk cannot conveniently be procured.

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From The Illustrated Girl's Own Treasury

TO WORK OVER CORD Frequently done in making mats, baskets &c. Hold the cord along the top of the work, insert the hook as usual and bring out the loop of wool under the cord. Finish the stitch over the cord.

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To change the size of the cap, measure around the top of the child's head. This gives you the circumference. To find the diameter, divide the circumference by 3.14. Use this new number in place of the 16 1/2 centimeters in the pattern. You will then disregard the number of stitches needed in the 25th row.

Circumference divided by 3.14 = Diameter.
For example: If the circumference is 19 1/2". 19 1/2 divided by 3.14 is 6.21. Rounding up, I will use 6 1/4" as my new circumference or measurement "across the top".

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