Monday, October 15, 2012

Hopewell Furnace 1862

We had a great time at Hopewell. The day started off early for us, with a three hour trip. Luckily for us, we made it in time for the morning "meet and greet". Everyone was dressed to perfection, representing the various workers or wives of workers of Hopewell.

There were children's games that we were able to help with and an amazing number of children participated. It must have been a tiger scouts camping weekend because there must have been several hundred young boys and their families visiting from the neighboring campground.

I had packed us a lunch of fried turnovers, hard boiled eggs and cold sausages. Recipes can be found at my Mid-Century Food Bloge. I also baked three pies for our pie tasting competition. The first place prize went to a beautiful apple pie. I was very envious of how lovely the pie was, nice and high piled with white apples. My sweet potato pie came in second and an apple cake came in third place.

Our Hopewell visit came to an end early due to the three hour return trip. Next year we plan to attend for the entire weekend instead of just a day trip.

Unfortunately we only took one picture, (the one above) but more can be found on my Facebook page.

 Thanks Jess Craig for taking pictures of us and all of the fun we had with you!