Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trades - The Bricklayer

The ground is marked out - the foundation laid -
 The piers are run up - the openings made -
The arches are turned - the flooring joists fix'd -
The chimneys are planned - the mortar all mix'd -
Now a high scaffold built, as they raise up the wall -
The labourers skulk - the bricklayers call
"Paddy, more mortar - Paddy more bricks
We have used them all up and are quite in a fix,"
 "Coming! coming!" says Paddy "if a moment you'll step,
 This ladder's a very long way to the top."
 Then shoots down his load, and scratching his nob,
 Says "A few courses more will finish the job."
From March's Penny Library 1860