Friday, March 15, 2013

Agate Ear-drops

"The agate is used, not only for various purposes of jewelry and ornaments, such as seals, snuff-boxes, crosses, cases of various descriptions, ear-drops, &c., but also for numerous other useful purposes..."
From A Popular Treatise On Gems 1859

"A cameo breast pin from the same source had also been preserved and likewise a pair of neat agate ear drops." 
From Arthur's Home Magazine 1858

"We crept out armed with a macintosh and umbrella to the Cabinets d'Hisloire Naturelle of the guides and inspected their agate ear drops, crystal wafer stamps, and chamois horn boot hooks, with intense curiosity...."
From Bentley's Miscellany 1841

"The numerous varieties of Agate are so well known to those who delight to adorn themselves with polished specimens of Nature's works set in brooches, rings, bracelets, ear drops, necklaces, and the like that it will be sufficient slightly to allude to those varieties which are most peculiarly inviting in their appearance."
From Popular Mineralogy 1850

"Many very pretty objects are made of Agate such as necklaces, eardrops, brooches, clasps, rings, buttons, seals, handles for knives, poignards and sabres, vases, cups, boxes, &c."
From Minerals and Their Uses 1849