Monday, March 18, 2013

Did You Order Fabric?

So yesterday was the last day for the most recent silk, wool, cotton, and linen sale. Did you order anything? I sure did. I picked up a bunch of lengths for modern stuff but only one length of brown cotton lawn (read about it here). I already posted about that, so this post is about what my daughter was able to get.

She has officially outgrown her favorite dress (here) and so she ordered 5 yards of some incredible navy blue tropical weight wool. Unfortunately, they e-mailed me and said they didn't have any more so she had to start her hunt over again and came up with this:

Mulberry Purple & Light Beige Pima Cotton Shirting Fabric
100% Cotton, 45" Wide
This is definitely not the most beautiful or inspirational piece of fabric but it is very similar to her current favorite dress fabric. So, her new dress for 1863 (2013) is just going to be a larger version of what she already has. That doesn't sound very fun to me, perhaps I should have her make this one herself. ;)