Saturday, July 20, 2013

Skirt, Blouse, Vest and Jacket Combinations

I have come across a very nice wood cut of a lady's vest. But seeing the vest leads me to more questions. Under what circumstances would this be appropriate and of what materials. Here is a bit of what I have found so far:

From Peterson's 1863
I really love this one. You can obviously tell that the vest coordinates with the skirt and jacket. I will have to go to the book and get the information on fabrics.
From Peterson's Magazine for March 1862
Figure II, House Dress of Lilac Delaine. The skirt as well as the Zouave Jacket are braided in black, and a white cashmere vest is worn under the jacket, with a cashmere collar. Cap of guipure lace, trimmed with bows of lilac ribbon.
From Peterson's Magazine November 1861
Fig II. - Home Dress of Purple Cashmere, which is trimmed with an imitation of fur called Astracan cloth. The under-body or waistcoat fits close to the figure, and has long tight sleeves. The Zouave jacket is loose, with large flowing sleeves, lined with white silk, quilted. Cap of Honiton lace, trimmed with purple China asters.
Street Dress of light silk, trimmed with narrow black silk ruffles. Found in Arthur's Lady's Home Magazine June 1863
For this one I am thinking that the editor made an oversight and matched the incorrect description with the image. Also, I wouldn't really call this a jacket but you can clearly see that the vest front is not attached to the skirt.
Illustration of a vest from Der Bazar January 1863
Illustration and Description of a jacket from Peterson's Magazine, 1864

WALKING DRESS - Of mohair; turban of black straw, with wing and plume. Light cane, the latest Paris fashion. Arthur's Illustrated Home Magazine 1864

The Lady's Friend 1864