Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Problem And A Plan

I have been really struggling with the weight of my clothes. I generally wear a chemise and drawers, a corset, a cage, two starched petticoats and a dress. All of this really bogs me down. Individually, each piece is very comfortable but that is not appropriate for going out to an event.

In looking at fabric I came across some lovely white cotton lawn for a very reasonable price. It was on sale for less than $4 a yard. Unfortunately I missed the sale by a day but I made the purchase anyway. I had my mind made up.

My plan is to make a nice, light chemise, a pair of drawers, and at least one petticoat from this lawn. I would love to use it to remake my blue sheer but I will probably need to order more for that. 

I started a challenge for myself a few years ago and I think that I will pick it up again now. It was to make an undergarment item each month for a year. How nice it will be to have 3, new, full sets!!! 

1 comment:

  1. Your self-challenge is Brilliant! And I think that I should be a copy-cat. It's the only way I see getting my sewing to-do list accomplished.