Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wool Plaid

Le Follet 1863 "Woolen plaids, both for dresses and cloaks, may decidedly be considered la mode this season."

Ladies' Work Dress of Plaid (wool) Cloth or (wool) Flannel
Godey's 1859

Plaid Flannel:

Frank Leslie's Lady's Magazine, 1865
"Dress of a little girl of four or five, of black and white plaid flannel, with a hooded circular of the same. Garibaldi of crimson merino. The dress and circular are bordered with a quilling of crimson merino." 

Biennial Report By Tennessee. Dept. of Agriculture, 1856
"Plaid Flannel for ladies' wear. - 1 Entry. - Premium $10, to Mrs. W. Hampton, of Sumner."

The Farmer's Magazine, 1858
"For the best Specimen of 12 yards of Welsh Fancy Plaid Flannel, adapted for Ladies Dresses.. 51., David Lewis, Pandy Machen.." 

The Pauper, The Thief, and The Convict, 1865 (Male voice narrator)
".. I can be looking for nothing in the world but a garment of hairy pilot cloth lined with plaid flannel, as an appropriate costume for the time of year,.."

From Annals of Nottinghamshire, 1852 (Not really what we are going for but still very interesting)
"I desire that Edmund Bulbie be employed as undertaker, that he make me a good plain coffin, without any ornaments; that I be dressed in a flannel shirt, better than two yards long, a flannel cap, a slip of flannel round my neck, and in that state put into the coffin; and then to have two yards of plaid flannel thrown over me, without shroud snipt or cut."