Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trades - The Painter

Will Putty comes last in the House-building Trade,
 And beautifies all that the others have made;
 He stops up the cracks, and cleans off each splinter,
 Preserving the wood from rough weather in winter.
 With diamond cut glass then he fits in each pane,
 Puts pipes, spouts, and gutters to carry off rain;
 Scrapes the rust off of iron-work, knockers and railings,
 And hides with his brush, the other men's failings.
 Lays on the water, the cisterns he fixes,
 For graining the front, then the colour he mixes,
 With a nice coat of varnish its finished at last,
 Then his tools he packs up and makes the door fast.
From March's Penny Library 1860