Monday, November 12, 2012

Girl's Wool Mantle & Hat

I made the full circle mantle last year and wanted to have the hat finished by this Saturday's parade. So, here we have it, all finished except for the white ostrich feather for the hat. (I'm picking that up in the morning)

There is no pattern for the hat. It's just my best guess, pillbox style hat, covered with batting and red wool to match the mantle. The inside is lined with quilted silk (harvested from an old silk shirt). I had wanted to add the boa trim to the bottom of the hat but my daughter didn't like how it tickled her forehead. Also, I couldn't find any references to hats with swan's down trim. They all had fur trim or a feather plume.
Here is an image from Le Follet 1863 that shows a fur trimmed hat:

Here is another hat from the same magazine. This one shows the back of a hat with a plume:

I also made a muff from the red wool and trimmed it with swan's down (feather boa). This was not common in the 1860s, so it is for modern use.
The mantle still isn't lined with silk. That silk sale just has not come around yet.

Here is the earlier post about this mantle:

Here is the pattern for the mantle: