Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rolled Linen Dolls

Here is another Christmas update. Sorry that it's so late, my camera broke in the middle of Christmas and my new one just came in the mail. (long, boring story)

For my younger daughter I made some cute rolled linen dolls. The directions are found in The American Girl's Book 1831. Technically they are called Common Linen Dolls, but I think that Rolled Linen Dolls is a more accurate description. Here is the illustration from the book:

Here are my daughter's dolls:

(from left to right)
The peach and teal dress is a piece from the fat quarter that I picked up at Needle and Thread to make another gift, and the blue shawl is from my older son's winter coat.
The red dress is a red on pink print cotton that I had in my stash and the red wool shawl is from my younger daughter's mantle fabric. 
Lastly, the green fabric is a remnant of my older daughter's cotton homespun dress and the tan wool shawl is from my son's winter pants.
(all of these outfits are on the My Work page)

I took the liberty of adding thin wire in the arms. They are not really posable but the wire does give them a little more of a downward curve, instead of just sticking straight out at the sides. As you can see, I also added shawls. I think the shawls really add a nice touch.

I had a blast making these cute little dolls, except for the part about hiding them and making them after my children went to bed at night. When I make more, and I will be making more, it will be while the children are around. It's really fun to see these little gals come together!