Saturday, June 8, 2013

Children's Fashion Plates from La Mode Illustree 1862

The girl to the left has a dress that buttons all the way down and is cut in the tableau style and she wears a summer hat of straw.
The little fellow in the center is still in dresses. I love the asymmetrical style of the dress, the square neckline and the little tie. I'd love to find that style of hat for my boys.
The girl on the right is a teenager, shown by the length of her dress. I really like her silk waist.
Of course I want to mention that great chair. Take note of the spiral carved legs and back and the chenille fringe.
Don't you just love the pintucks on this girl's top? The yellow kids gloves catch my eye as well.
The table in this color fashion plate looks just like one that we have. It used to set in my living room. I think that I'll have to unpack it and put it in a more conspicuous place in the "parlor".

I really love this boys suite. His hair style is quite nice as well.

The first thing that I see in this fashion plate is the puppet theatre! I will be making one of these for the kids this winter.