Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monroe Jacket and Coat Patterns

Man's Monroe Coat
Monroe & Co., 507 Broadway, have always a choice selection the best class of clothing. It must be remembered that they make to order all styles of gentlemen's clothing, uniforms. &c. The fashion cut represents a business coat made of English silk mixture. The collar is plain, and is trimmed with half-inch wide braid, flat on the edge. It is single-breasted, and is of a dark brown color. It is both a handsome and a serviceable garment.
Boy's Monroe Jacket

The boys' fashion cut represents the jacket for fall and winter. It is intended for warmth and comfort, and is made double-breasted. The material is Melton mixture, purple, orange and gray; the edges are bound with three-eighths of an inch wide rich twist, with buttons blending in color. This jacket is adapted to boys from six to twelve years of age, and will be found not only handsome but comfortable and durable