Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Girl's Dress Inspiration

6/7/2012 -  Original Post

This color fashion plate is from Le Follet

and this fabric is a wool silk blend from Fabric.com

and brown silk ribbon from silkribbon.com
9/9/2012 Update -  The wool/silk fabric has a blue thread in it so I have decided to use some blue silk that I have for the accent color. The bows on the skirt as well as the bretelles and bow at the back will all be of the blue silk.
I have gold silk that can be used for the hat. I can add the blue silk as the accent color.
As for the shirt/body to be worn with the dress, it is planned to be made from a semi-sheer batiste with closed bishop sleeves.
6/18/2013 Update - Here is where we are as of today:

The top is done in pintucks and short puff sleeves. (Read the full post about this top here) This outfit will be worn this coming Saturday for a train ride in York. With such a deadline, I will not be able to finish the hat or the bretelles. Those will be made later.