Saturday, July 21, 2012

Older Girl's Dress

8/7/2011 - A few days ago I came across a wonderful fabric sale and just couldn't get away from a blue and white shirting. I purchased 6 yards, the last of their stock. In my mind I could see this dress:

(Disclaimer - I have had this image saved to my computer for some time now. Unfortunately, I didn't write where I saved it from. I am sure this dress is the property of some museum. If anyone knows, please tell me so that I can give proper credit.)

Once the fabric arrived, my heart fell. All I could think of, when looking at this fabric, was a man's shirt. I was devastated. I set out to make the dress anyway and I am glad that I did.

As of today, I have on my sewing table a three panel skirt to trim, a fitted bodice, and two open, lined pagoda sleeves. Yes, I know, the inspiration dress has coat sleeves. However, the girl that I am making the dress for doesn't want coat sleeves. She wants pagoda sleeves.

10/22/2011  update - Here is the dress as it was worn today:

7/21/2012 update - Yes, this is a terribly old project that really needs to be finished. However,  I just found out that cotton dresses didn't have pagoda sleeves. What to do? what to do? Should I keep the dress as is and call it finished? Finish the dress to look like the image with remade sleeves, skirt ruffle and bodice decorations? Or remake the sleeves, add the bodice decorations and leave the skirt untrimmed?

9/28/2012 update - We still have not finished this dress but it is inching along. I was able to remake the sleeves into bishop sleeves with no problem. The sleeve trims came off in one piece, so I was able to salvage those for use on the bodice. I also made a self fabric belt. Both the belt and the sleeve cuffs were cut on the bias. I think it gave a little extra visual interest to the dress. The box pleated trim would be attached to the bodice, but my teenage girl can't figure out how she wants it attached. Here is where we are so far with the trim pinned on:

I need to make a collar, and her accessories will be complete as well. You can see that she has a neck ribbon and pouch/purse already. :)

I may add the box pleating at the hem before she grows out of, or wears out, this dress.